Why Porcelain?


Since there are many types of ceramic tableware and each type has its own specific characteristic, you will probably need to know the purpose of usage so that you can find the most suitable tableware. A better plate or bowl makes the food look more delicious or even changes the whole table! Let Charm team shows you the differences between Stoneware, Porcelain, and Bone China.



Stoneware VS Porcelain: Beside the raw materials, the biggest difference in term of production between these two types of ceramic is firing process. Porcelains product is fired twice in higher temperature while Stoneware uses single firing only. Two-times firing process makes porcelain products have glass-like appearance with cooler and brighter white color and smoother surface. Porcelain is thinner and has lighter weight than Stoneware which makes Porcelain dinnerware looks more delicate, luxurious and translucent. However, don’t let the fragile appearance deceive you. Porcelain is highly qualified in term of non-porous, hardness, thermal shock resistance, and water absorption percentage. With these qualifications, Porcelain is one of the safest dinnerware that has been used in household, restaurants, and hotels. How about the price? With more efforts that has been put in the Porcelain production process, the cost is, of course, higher. BUT trust us! We offer the most affordable Porcelain product with high quality here. Check out our e-catalogue here 

Porcelain VS Bone China: Bone China is made from the mixture of clay and animal bone. It has a warmer color and is more translucent. Bone China is highly known as a luxurious and expensive dinnerware. Meanwhile, Porcelain also has luxurious look but its price is more affordable. For this price factor, Porcelain is more versatile and widely used in restaurant and hotel industry. 



Selecting the dinnerware wisely will improve the enjoyment on the dining table, atmosphere of your restaurant, or elegance level of your hotel. Let Charm Porcelain team be your assistance! We’d love to make your meal shine brighter!



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