How to Choose Your Perfect Mug and Cup?

To be able to enjoy your favorite drinks, Charm Porcelain team has brought you some suggestions and tips about selecting your perfect coffee or tea cup and mug.

1. Size – Mostly, it depends on the volume or amount of the beverage that you prefer. Hot beverages are best when they are hot or warm. Therefore, size matters! We have some size guides for each type of coffee here since there are black coffee and milk-based coffee out there.

       -  Espresso = 2-3 oz. cup (also known as “Demitasse”)
       -  Cappuccino = 5-6 oz. cup
       -  Latte, Moccha, and Hot Chocolate = 8-12 oz. cup
       -  5.5 oz. cup is widely used in barista competition as this size can presents the strongest taste of coffee. 


2. Handle – Most of cup and mug have handles as which makes it easier for the drinkers to hold the cup and mug. Handle helps keeping the balance of the drink, prevent spills, and protect the hand from high heat. However, there is also a typical way of drinking Japanese tea that prefers the cup without the handle. This way, the drinkers will also feel the warmness from the drink by holding the cup. Charm Porcelain proudly presents double-layer mug which allow you to own hip mug without handle and your hand will not get burnt! The inner layer keeps your drink hot while the outer layer prevents your hands from getting burnt.


3. Lid – Lid helps you prevent the spill, keep your drink hot and maintain the aroma of the drink. Not every mug has lid. Therefore, it really depends on your preference.


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