How Many Types of Plates out There?

There are huge varieties of plate out there in the market with the different designs, shapes, and sizes. Charm Porcelain team will introduce you to the most commonly used type of round plate (Rim and Coupe) in the restaurant and hotel industry based on type of food that will be served.

  •          Saucer - a small plate with an indentation for a cup
  •          Appitizer, Salad, and Dessert plate – The diameter ranges from 10-23 cm
  •          BB or Bread and Butter plate – The diameter ranges from 15-18 cm
  •          Dinner Plate – The diameter ranges from 25-30 cm
  •          Soup Plate – Cowboy hat-like plate. The diameter ranges from 18-24 cm
  •          Platter – Huge dish that serve big portion of food for many people

Besides round-shape plate, there are also other shapes that are available on Charm Porcelain website such as square shape, rectangular shape, oval shape, and etc.  

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