6 Things You Should Consider Before You Buy Dinner Ware

Before buying dinnerware, we have somethings should you take into your consideration so that you can have the right design and quantity.

1. Budget – This is the most important thing you should think of before you make a purchase. Setting your budget will help you decide which design and how many piece of dinnerware you can afford.

2. Quantity – You should have the approximated number of dinnerware on your mind by knowing how many people and menu you will serve at maximum. How many pieces you need for each design? Would you like to buy as a set or buy as an open stock (pick any individual piece of dinnerware)?

3. Level of formality and purpose – How the dinnerware will be used and what will be used for are what you have to consider. Will it be used in casual restaurant or formal party? Knowing the formality and purpose will help you to select the most suitable design and type.

4. Material – Dinnerware is made of many types of material such as stoneware, earthenware, porcelain, melamine, bone china and etc. Select one that suite with our usage.

5. Shape, color, and pattern – Think about the theme of your party, restaurant, and hotel. Will it be French style, Classic style, Chinese style, or minimal style? Then select the dinnerware design that match with your style the most.

6. Replaceability – Nothing last forever especially dinnerware that can be chipped or broken. Therefore, you should buy the design that can be easily replaced when the old one is broken. It is not necessary for the replacement to be exact same design as it could be the similar one.


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